open-source rainwater catchment methods and kits

portland, oregon

Pay Attention to Water !  Contain Rain is a local project helping our community of Portland, Oregon to do just that. We are focused on developing methods of catching, storing, and using rainwater. We aim to change the way people think about DIY water conservation. We are open source.

Grown out of a passion for permaculture and community-building, Contain Rain is a resource for urban-dwelling activists interested in resource conservation. We remove used containers from the waste stream, offer them to the community for DIY water conservation.

We are a non-corporate project, interested in the promotion of water conservation practices in our community.

We offer rainbarrel kits that are easy to install yourself. We also provide affordable consultation and project management for larger systems. We distribute free educational materials.

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Portland is no stranger to rain, and that is why we have to learn to collect, manage, and protect our water. How do you use our precious drinking water? Why?

Rainfall in PDX will drop around 30-40 inches of water on your roof this year.1 For an average 2,000 square foot roof (40'x50'), that's over 30,000 gallons. Or nearly 600 gallons on an average week!2

1. Calculate your home's "rain footprint". 2. (@ 75% capture rate) Source:
"Oregon Smart Guide Rainwater Harvesting".
Find your house, measure your roof.
Our Garden-Standard kit provides everything your home needs to start harvesting the rain.
Barrels come in Blue, White, and Green (Availability varies, ask us! Due to demand, green Barrels are an additional +$5/per)

This basic system is efficient, elegant, inexpensive, and 80% reclaimed material. Included in the Garden-Standard:

CAPACITY: The capacity of a bottom-link / top-vent system is limitless. 1 = 55G; 2 = 110G; 3 = 165G; 4 = 220G; etc.
How much rain should I collect?


EXTRACTION METHOD: For this kit we offer a standard 3/4" spigot.


Primary collection barrel ("Mother") $75
[Includes an easy-clean debris filter and DIY instructions]

Each Additional ("Child") Barrel +$55
[All prices include attachments installed]